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Introduction of Development Division

  • JBC has done development work such as GPS products for industrial machines so far. In order to raise the company's in-house technical capabilities and develop sophisticatedly, the development department was established in October 2016. We are working on the acquisition and improvement of spoken dialogue and image processing technology with the aim of developing home communication robot. Through collaborative research and development with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, in January 2018, we participated in the 2nd ROBODEX as "Apple-polishing Robot", received a great response from all visitors, and also picked up various media It was.
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    (Photo 1st: JBC booth at the 2nd Robodex, "Apple-polishing Robot" state)
    (Photo 2nd: In the Response's article, JBC's Apple-polishing Robot)

  • The concept of  home communication robot

    JBC's concept of home communication robot is support of elderly people living alone. The Robot communicates information between families who live far away and the elderly people living alone, and he tells them the information that help ther lives through chatting with them. We have already filed a patent as "patent robot, robot control method and control program".


  • The technology for the robot development

    As technologies necessary for robots, we will introduce the technologies currently being developed by JBC. First, as speech dialogue technologies, speech recognition, speech synthesis, dialogue algorithm, and image recognition technology, object detection, image synthesis, person detection, face recognition, and device control technology, motor control / sensor control / communication There are control and so on. JBC aims to develop better home communication robots by improving and combining these individual technologies.